January 22, 2015


We introduce a new PS4 Manhunt Tournament 4vs4 GameLab. The rules are preliminars but we wanna use this, its a famous gamelab called pornlab created by xBlue Link:

Approach meter start zone: High
target lock duration: 6s
banned abilities: wipe
banned ranged weapon :poison dart/hidden gun/distruption
banned streak: animus hack and minor hack
banned perk: determined (included in game labs rules)
failed approach 100
poor approach 200
good approach 300
great approach 400
perfect approach 600
contested x1
focus 300
chain 150
variety 600
lure 200
bodyguard 50
2x multi kill 150
3x multi kill 350
4x multi kill 500
hide alone 25
2 Shield per team
1 Trip Wire Bomb per team

Walling Rule: you all need to hide in an area and never leave it until death. You have to regroup with your team mates to give a fair chance to the other team to get multi kills and in pornlab you must stay in your wall spot until death, a whole spot is an area of your choice.

We wanna complete and discuss all the rules with the teams involved.
The tournament will start on February 20th.


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