January 18, 2015


2015 could not have started any better for The Templar Files and the many fans of Assassin's Creed who play on PS4

With the hugely successful launch of the National Tournament of Spain, and the interest it has created, Sony themselves have shown interest and given us the opportunity to reach many more fans of Black Flag and offer a Manhunt 1v1 tournament with prizes which is open to anyone with spanish account of PSN.

It seems the efforts of our community has been noticed by many others who would like to work with us to provide intense and exciting tournaments to a wider audience
This is the case with the Official Playstation League,seeing the impact of our National Tournament,would like to make their own, this time totally open to all participants worldwide
The LOP will award 3 prizes. 1st place 50 euros 2nd place 20 euros,these will be in the form of PSN vouchers to redeem through Playstation Store. the 3rd prize will be a 3 month subscription for Playstation Plus

The rules will be the same as used in conjunction with our Ubisoft tournaments, except the games will be played on a best of 3 rather than 1 single game, with the loser being eliminated

The tournament will be held entirely on the weekend of the 23rd January

This tournament will be part of the MH WORLD CHALLENGE,so in addition to the prizes the participants will be included in the private rankings of The Templar Files and the winner will progress into the Champions Challenge, a forthcoming tournament that will involve all the winners from the National Tournaments to create a World Challenge

If this tournament is successful the LOP and The Templar Files have agreed to the future realization of more tournaments including team tournaments in Manhunt and Artifact Assault.

Every great journey has to take it's first steps, so it is up to us all, to give it all to ensure that this opportunity we have been given is a huge success

Don't miss out and sign up to this fantastic tournament and prove yourself to the world

If you have any question, you can ask them via our PSN account,Facebook,Twitter or directly in our forum

Good Luck Hunters!

Sign Up Here!!


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