December 07, 2013

"TTF has always given us fair and lawful tournaments. They care and pamper the player. That's what makes them special. They are a family".
-Cyllan_, Ubisoft Official Champion of Spain in 2012

We all know that Ubisoft Official Rankings are adulterated. Server failure, boosters, cheaters ... All this makes the Animus and the simulations an unjust and unfair competition. Only 5% of the players are in their proper place in the scale.
We are not being formally associated with them, so we can provide fair tournaments and competitions full of players of all over the world.
In The Templar Files we make continuous tournaments of different game modes to check the progress of our agents and challenge them to test their skills against other players. The tournaments are not only a way to compete and have fun, but to improve and learn new combat tactics.
When we go to make a tournament, first notified via twitter, then we post on the page and for last, we`ll send a message via ps3 to all our contacts.
Many of the tournaments have a limited number of participants, so the first ones to enroll will play.
Depending on the type of tournament, there must be one or more Host. They will be responsible to organize the tournament following the rules set by this page, invite participants and launch the games.
There will be other qualifying tournaments, in these cases, the opponents should agree between them on day and time following the rules of the tournament. If they did not, the Staff will set the date and hour.


-FFA or established at day and time:

It is the responsibility of the players to be at the appointed time for the tournament.
The Host will send invitations to play at an interval of 15 minutes before the hour and 15 minutes later. If players do not cater to these invitations, they will be left out.
The Host has no obligation to wait for anyone. Once arrives the time of the tournament, if an invitation has been sent to a player and he or she has not responded, will be out of the tournament.

-1vs1 or Teams:

Is the players themselves who should contact each other to play.
These are tournaments that require responsibility and maturity. Nobody will talk to your opponents for you. You by yourself must be an adult, contact with your opponent and set a day and time to play against him.
Once the date is agreed, shall be communicated to STAFF. If a player or all members of a team are not presented on that day and time agreed, they have lost.


Rules are subject to change at any time. Please ensure that you check this page regularly to keep up to date with the rules.

LAST UPDATE: 02/01/2014

1. It is the responsibility of all the users of this community to know and understand the rules of each tournament.
2. By signing up to each tournament, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by the rules posted here.
3. We will not tolerate players or teams (clans) that cause problems , that cheat, dispute on purpose, or repeatedly abuse players. Violators will be dealt with accordingly including possible removal from the TTF site and can be sued. As with all accusations, valid proof must be provided. Please see the proof section below.
4. Abuse of our volunteer, scouts, profilers. Hosts or Staff will not be tolerated in any form. This includes written messages or verbal comments. Violators will be banned from the site for a period of time. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned.
5. Team names, blast messages, logos, avatars, and website links are subject to the Forum Rules and ToS.
6. Teams in a tournament must contain the minimum number of eligible players to remain in that tournament. Teams without the minimum number of eligible players are subject to removal at the Staff's discretion without warning.
7. If a player enlists for a tournament and do not attend without prior notice, shall be punished by a month. The participation in the events that he/she wants to attend for the duration of the punishment will depend on the needs of each competition.
8. As a user, you are personally responsible for accepting an invitation to a tournament or for signing up in it. Someone else cannot accept an invitation or signing up for you. If you do not personally do that, you may be disqualified from competing. You also forfeit the ability to receive the community prizes.
Users are prohibited from sharing account information stored in TTF with another person for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
IDs and GamerTags
Email/Forum accounts

1. We have a zero tolerance policy for cheating. Players or teams caught cheating, “glitching”, or abusing in-game mechanics in any way will be removed from the TTF site.
2. All proof submitted needs to be from the match in question. If you submit proof from the wrong match/game or links to inappropriate material, you will receive a punishment. You need to show proof of winning each map/game in a match to be given the win for it. All proof must be clearly visible and show the in-game full scoreboard during the completion of that map/game. The proof must clearly show all the players or both team's players to be considered valid.
3. All video proof should be uploaded to an external website such as or Picture proof should be uploaded to an external website such as or . The URL link to the individual pictures/proof must be placed in a e-mail, not by psn.
4. For all glitching and cheating claims, the accuser must provide proof. To submit a glitching or cheating claim, you must submit an e-mail and include the URL link containing valid proof.
All conversations between users are not considered proof. This includes AIMs, emails, PMs, PSN messages, XBL messages, Skype messages.
Proof that has been faked or tampered with in anyway will not be accepted as valid and will result in punishment.


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