November 16, 2013



Very good murderer. Attentive, stealthy and knows how to avoid the traps. Barely runs to hunt his prey. Invisible, sometimes literally. Changes often his strategy strategy, which makes it very difficult to defend. Very good teammate, he compenetrates very well with his hunting party. Defending is unpredictable. A master of traps and stun corner. He's very astute and has several tricks up his boss. Sight to see.

Muy buen asesino. Atento, sigiloso y sabe evitar las trampas rivales. Apenas corre para cazar a sus presas. Invisible, a veces literalmente. Cambia de estrategia de caza a menudo, lo que hace muy difícil defenderse de él. Muy buen compañero, se compenetra muy bien con su partida de caza. Defendiéndose es imprevisible. Un maestro de las trampas y los corner stun. Es muy astuto y tiene varios ases bajo la manda. Digno de ver.

Favorite Hunting Area: Manhunt
Favorite Weapons: Firecraker, Glimmer, Disguise, Tripwire bomb, Time phase
Favorite Avatar: not available


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