November 16, 2013



Active defense, he likes to bait and lure his pursuers. He often defends in transformed groups with tripwire bomb near. Great stunner, a specialist in the corner stun. Very clever. Attacking is very cautious and likes to have an accomplice nearby. He struggles to locate his opponent. Great reaction. Usually comes in disguise. Disruption dart to confuse his preys.

Defensa activa, le gusta hacer de cebos y atraer a sus perseguidores. Se suele defender en grupos transformados con bomba de suelo cerca. Gran aturdidor, especialista en los corner stun. Muy inteligente. Atacando es muy precavido y le gusta tener un cómplice cerca. Le cuesta localizar a su rival. Mucha reacción. Suele acercarse con disfraz.

Favorite Hunting Area: not available
Favorite Weapons: Tripwire bomb, Disguise, Knives, Disruption dart.
Favorite Avatar: not available


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