November 01, 2013


F.A.T.E. (Full Active Time Events) is a new system simulation based in the FF: ARR.

FATE are games that do not need to be announced and they do not have to have a date set. They improvised and random tournaments, missions and events, undated, which appear almost without notice to be played and that can occur any day at any time, but all of them are official and will be rewarded in the community.
FATE only can be created by members of our STAFF. This year, with this system, the STAFF will have more power than ever as themselves without the need for consensus can create their own games. So the STAFF can create their own FATE whenever they want.
The reward of a FATE can be 100 AP and may be, in addition, medals or special rewards.
So stay tunned to the community to don`t miss any!


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