November 10, 2013



Waits in groups, trying to buy time and confuse his opponent. He likes to use the knife-smoke bomb tactic in defense. Without abilities, hidden and waiting failures. Very stealthy hunting, always looking for the opponent back. Very good in persecutions. In AC3, in Artifact Assault, he used to use the Animus Hack Glitch with Sergio__SFC. In Black Flag is usual to see him doing lag switch when he is losing a match or to ensure victory, or so they say.

Espera en grupos, tratando de ganar tiempo y confundir a su rival. Le gusta utilizar táctica cuchillo-bomba en defensa si no lo ve claro. Sin habilidades, escondido y esperar fallos. Muy sigiloso cazando, siempre buscando la espalda rival. Muy bueno en las persecuciones. En AC3 destacó en Asalto al Artefacto utilizando el Animus Hack Glitch junto a Sergio__SFC. En Black Flag es usual verle haciendo, supuestamente, lag switch cuando va perdiendo para asegurarse la victoria.

Favorite Hunting Area: Artifact Assault
Favorite Weapons: Knives. Smoke bomb
Favorite Avatar: not available


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