October 22, 2013


Well , as indicated in this news , we are looking for new staff members to help us to improve. Captains to mark a new direction to follow, to provide a fresh start, new blood in the community, but , above all, comrades with whom to have fun while enjoying this fantastic game.
This is a new beginning . The arrival of a new game of the franchise marks the beginning of a new season. New design of the website, of the the forum ( thanks to the invaluable help of JkRo3_x ) and also a change in the direction of the community. What we want is simple: active people who love this game , people excited with the multiplayer , who squeeze it , people who like to make friends, to enjoy moments of fun giving other moments to another users in the multi, imaginative perons, creative making games , committed, involved , responsible , objetive, self-critical , patient, who stay away from the bad stuff and just looking to embrace this community , improve it, adapt it to more users.
There has always been and always will be critical , but we want to hear your suggestions, your ideas, what would you think we must do to improve the website or the community, what do yoy add, what remove, whatever you want . We wanna invite you to join our family and , of course , we are willing to meet you you.
Assassin ` s Creed IV Black Flag will offer a new universe in multiplayer thanks to GameLab . Many options to customize games and create new and original game modes, a new and unique opportunity . Can you imagine the amount and variety of interesting games we could have? What an entire community move and sign up to that game that you have created ? Help us make this year the best season of the web. Help us to grow , to offer enjoyment and fun with many new comrades.
This is your chance to change things and meet us from inside.
If you are interested in being part of The Templar Files, let us know. Send an e-mail ,a message via PSN or write a comment in this post or in the forum. As you more comfortable.
Thank to all of you.


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