October 05, 2013


Like last year about this time, we say again the bitter goodbye. We`ll be back, that's for sure, but always it`s hard to say goodbye to the good people, to your peers, those who every day have been there.
We started a second season being six to move quickly to four members. Believe me when I say that having two fewer people to share the work its difficult. However, setbacks did not end there .
Because insults , criticism in personal levels , continuous harassment, my three companions decided to leave the community . Do not lie saying that I understood them perfectly . We created this page , this haven , to provide a place to all those who love the multiplayer of Assassin`s Creed , trying to give them more so they could enjoy the game better. A place to have fun and make friends. No hard feelings . In fact , we believed that the absence of real prizes facilitate the fair play and fellowship. As you know, it has not always been so. Insults and harassment received by these players who called themselves "trollers", to mask their behavior, was brutal . Even going beyond mere legal limits and sanity. Not surprisingly, there are three open sues against them . These people, even if they try to excuse in a modern gamer jargon , they are just abusers and criminals.

However, they say that in times of desolation is where the heroes born, and it was. So from here, I want to thank JkRo3_x , LordLoL23 , TheMcMota , Hidar_The _Templar and especially to turuk_mak_tok , without whose involvement , advice and support I would never have continued . They are the soul of the community, who truly composing . I owe you all, because without you , we would not exist today .
But like them, there are other players who have been strength and inspiration , the ones who, when we saw no solution , we tended a hand . Noble people who have reminded me that there are still good people out there. They are yunafantasy , TSMTH , AmandaLinus , Ganikas and Glocc - B145 . Guys, do not know how to tell you how important you are , much as those who took the web or more . I am eternally grateful . From heart.
Like our scouts. We have over 21 players this year sending profiles , analysis, commentaries , ... Even until yesterday, although I told we did not need more because we don`t gonna publish more profiles this season, they still doing their work.

THANKS GUYS . Thanks to your hard work and effort we have over 800 profiles. BRUTAL .

And I do not forget someone very special. Darksoul , or dark_portu , who joined at mid- journey and gradually , like many, also moved away . But that does not diminish the importance to his work in the community. The time he decided to be with us was an active and committed , idealistic and creative member. He laid the foundation of the Abstergo League and he led the competition for several weeks. I do not know what happened to you , my friend, but if you read this, from here I send you a big hug. We do not forget the good people .

As I say , one year somewhat difficult but exciting .

It took to start due to family issues I had to solve , which led to several members decided to seek thrills and games on its own . Others, like a good friend and his girlfriend decided to leave us for some misunderstandings and differences of opinion. But all of them ALWAYS be in our memories and will ALWAYS have our doors open . It misses you , my friends. At least I do.

I still remember the first tournaments of 2013 , full of new players and ingenious rules . Tournaments created and designed by gamers themselves , without any intervention mine. A true example of what has always tried to be this community , a place where players have the freedom to change things at will. Those first steps left champions like LordLoL23, KingOfSuth DieGo-_25 and bigsene94 , and introduced us to other great players as SLICK_RICK_RULES and TEOmeansGOD .
Deathmatch and Artifact Assault Tournaments, Europa Cup and America Cup with DivineSerenity , LordLoL23 , woodbok and ECUADORIAN_SNIPE as winners respectively marked a time of emotions that served as a prelude to the classic World Series.

Like every summer , the championship for national teams took the patriotic spirit within us and made ​​us fight to the death for our team , our honor, our country. Players from many corners of the world signed up to the event , which this year also expanded to individual simulations . As always, it left the resentments , anger , the typical and charming indignation of javiiii1994, disappointments , joys , criticism to the staff, ...
Artifact Assault leave us a Mexico EXCEPTIONAL . Possibly the best team at Artifact Assault that ever lived . Maverickt55 , Tito_Spartano , EdUaRdO_HoUsE , and William BeatifulAgony17 8-6. Simply amazing.

But it was also memorable Greek with vazelas13, thanisos , DisCJocKey-Nos94 , giannisforce , psyc17 and lazospanos , the big surprise , who could not play the final for not reading the rules. That game would have been a delight . Or Italy, the true subchampions for many users, with that dream squadra with savi - diego71 , NIKOWINTER , Alex - Ghiroldi , playisnow and p__20.

Manhunt had two clear favorites : USA and Poland , and they staged a finale where the trio formed by stepanyan13 , Siwy192 and Marta192 was winner. An undefeated team in the tournament. USA , meanwhile , only lost one game, the final, but their career was impeccable . GirlAssassin23 , xXGOATGOD , NAVID4ASSASSIN , mungaman13 and ghigho555 have demonstrated fair game, honor and elegance.

Individual tournaments were also exciting. Their champions , yunafantasy in Assassinate, jackz_483 in Wanted and Deathmatch with raul8piper made ​​clear in their games because they won those titles . Simply they had no rivals .

Stepanyan13 's reign followed a few months with a strong presence in the Abstergo League and subsequent Kumite Tournamente Assassinate 1vs1. Allies in Arms was created for the request of many players who won ECUADORIAN_SNIPE , SnowBall7AC , god44leo and vetodark.

With The Hunger Games, a tournament with knockout stages like we did in Revelations, we close the chapter of championships. A interactive and interesting tournament, full of surprises , which won raul8piper .

But not only have done 10 tournaments and a World Series with Artifact Assault , Manhunt , Wanted , Assassinate and Deathmatch. We did 6 Abstergo Missions, 1 RPG Abstergo Mission, World Domination and Abstergo League! Not to mention the usual appointment with The League of Impostors . 56 Championships dates in 9 intense months in which we have made the animus our home.

But I always said the same, all this could not be achieved , it would not have sense , but for you. Because this community is born and dies by the players who enter it , participating in its games. You, who make this possible, are the real stars , and that's what we have always wanted to try: give prominence to the players, their merits , make you feel special. You are the owners of the community , you are The Templar Files.

We owe it to dedicated , kind-hearted players who likemake friends and have fun. Authentic heroes and champions who have always tended their hands. From here, to yunafantasy, Ganikas, ECUADORIAN_SNIPE, LordLoL23, TheMcMota, stepanyan13, raul8piper, Aura_Kurai, Jelko_Boy, rai_bd, chica-rai, KingOfSuth, Cyllan_, lilwicked_one06, AmandaLinus, DivineSerenity, siwy192, Tito_Spartano, Maverickt55, DasMoe, DieGo-_25, marta192, bigsene94, kurt-_-c0bain-, jorgsuu, EdUaRdO_HoUsE, BeatifulAgony17, William8-6, jackz_483, GLOCC-B145, god44leo, giannisforce, AtorvoXX, woodbok, j-o-n-a-s-1_0, CAPITAN_ENSALADA, TEOmeansGOD, turuk_mak_tok, javiiii1994, juacho_92, Sandrita_93, chikita_kalzada, GirlAssassin23, DiscJoCkey-Nos94, GamerPrince1998, xXGOATGOD, mangaman13, ghigo555, NAVID4ASSASSIN, lazospanos, vazelas13, thanisos, SnowBall7AC, vetodark, psyc217, geografiahumana, SonGokuDrac, Yrena_87, theDARK-Knight48, danielle21xp, SLICK_RICK_RULES, Sidekix47, el_tony_pacheco, golftur_lrt18, matn97, ramonxuu, warhead1566, Yang_Leon, julianitabp02189, DiosDeGuerra_Kra, stevenh11, Arcane1122, mediumcola7, Anima012, piratamadrid, AltairAC3, DESTRIPADORCABJ1, Evil-Shadaws, jorgeflint44, Gzal-0, Devil_Assass1n, lordalphonse, ILuvYen, Deadly_Blade_94, andryoraz, Dahag83, darkangel-play, GHOSTNINJA8121, The_StartUp, Josue22784, dark_portu, xxLilZeuZxx, Alex-Ghiroldi, CreedSilentHill, xSS_DaRk, Theris_94, DogPlatoon, Khrizali, markitos1204, Ezio_mex, AllnVain, MikeNC4Ever, Nestor_AndresEC, ShadowShiel96, Uriel12009DX, RJ7684, patel_00, Truth-About-Love, truerizenrebirth, emersonmendoza, dark_of_souls, DJ_PLAYERO_23, TheEagleSpirit, Kaceyputz13,le_genieAnthony, darkassassin9426, mzdeathstar7, mtratchet16, brubrebiel, DaNaReD-Q8, toxicwaste24, GUNDAMOO2225, AleeeTheMax-, Sacha_Baron, alexpo_valle, wowshadimax, Roland_Sebastian, rafl666, KubenPL, anysimirok, maniusPL, BigBetySwollocks, GAKattak, Greek-chief, kratos-paco_14, Vegetux100, Pauselle, too_complicated, BEL_KING, Pabs91, vega1984, KrauzerHellsing, Bernardillo, Adihawk, benja1996bely, XSOLDADO-c500X, lesterdc, MaxKnight94, angelito_16_cai, alvinlulu40, liderasesino11, g32pOcOyO, Devil_Jeff_35, Irene_k, Ancer-_-, Castagordo, annemkatoka, ezeofor, Julian_Monzon, Asmita-BR, Rockdderyk, Drakuaza, MATHIAS_JAPAN, GodFatherZeus, banael123, BlomskiRules, evry-daysmoka, geo1185, Luke_Uglow, The-Cold-Winter, Ajkm19, ashiimckgee, danielamopez, Fire_Blaze_13, love999cats, Mamba-Nero95, Marvel_woman, NEO-SCORPION, sergyvk, SKULLXgsd, WildCat241, Zombie-Turtles,luisdavid27,cjaka4eyes, suerte202, incombustible1, Ivansito91, anysimirok,… to all of them, above all, to all of you who have been here, THANKS FOR HEART.

I think it's a moment of joy, memories and self-criticism . But , above all, a time to try to overcome. And that we do ourselves.
It opens before us a new stage, a new Animus in Black Flag full of surprises and possibilities with the GameLab , and we look forward to The Templar Files will be an important part of the that entire season.
Because thanks to you again we have exceeded our expectations. We promise to keep working hard to make you feel proud to belong to this community. We will be better , we will be bigger and , above all, we will be yours.
In a couple of weeks , we will back again with new surprises , new challenges and a website completely renovated.
But before finishing , we wanna say that if anyone ever was offended by something we have done or said, from here we send my sincere apologies . We do not want to insult or hurt , just meeting people and having fun, and those players who had been played with us can give a good account of it. So again, if we ever have done something bad, WE ARE SORRY.

Thanks for your support and confidence. To each all of you, no exceptions.


The Templar Files staff.

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  1. Very kind words Templar.
    i would like to say how much i have enjoyed and learned over the last year and look forward to meeting
    many of you all in the next animus.
    good luck to everyone and see you all soon
    hasta pronto adios amigos