June 04, 2013



Passive defense, sneaks, sometimes waits in groups or simply still. Double defense with smoke bomb and tripwire bomb. The first for the first unwary who believes that she does not play, the second for all the opportunists who think she are helpless. Expert stunner. Very opportunistic. Much better on defense than attack. Very clever, knows when to act. Double account.

Defensa pasiva, espera a su rival, incluso a veces ni en grupos, simplemente quieta. Doble defensa con mina y bomba de humo. La primera para el primer incauto que crea que no juega, la segunda para todos los oportunistas que creen que está indefensa. Experta aturdidora. Muy oportunista. Mucho mejor en defensa que ataque. Muy astuta, sabe cuándo debe actuar. Doble cuenta.

Favorite Hunting Area: Manhunt
Favorite Weapons: Tripwire bomb, Smoke bomb, Knives, Gun, Shield
Favorite Avatar: not available


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