June 11, 2013



One of the best Guardians. He never leaves the area. Stands vigilant and undaunted, as the sentinel of Hell. Keeps everything safe around. While he protects one flank, his mine covers the other. Fast, observant, clever and one step ahead of your tactics. Impenetrable. Anyone scape.

Uno de los mejores Guardianes. No abandona el área. Permanece vigilante e impertérrito, como el centinela del infierno. Mantiene todo los alrededores seguros. Mientras el vigila un flanco, su mina cubre el otro. Rápido, observador, certero y se adelanta a tus tácticas. Impenetrable. No se le va casi ninguno.

Favorite Hunting Area: Artifact Assault
Favorite Weapons: Tripwire bomb, Gun
Favorite Avatar: not available


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