June 14, 2013



Tries to avoid the direct combat. He is opportunistic and mischievous. Uses stealth to go for the back. Lightning attacks, no reaction time. Good in persecutions. If you're handy, he shots you.

Trata de evitar el combate directo. Es oportunista y pícaro. Utiliza el sigilo para ir por la espalda. Ataques relámpagos, sin tiempo a la reacción. Bueno en persecuciones. Si eres hábil, te pegara un tiro.

Favorite Hunting Area: Assassinate
Favorite Weapons: Smoke bomb, Gun
Favorite Avatar: not available

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Coldriff here. Love being described as "Mischievious". My Favourite Hunting Area tends to be "Deathmatch" then "Assassinate". My Favourite Weapons are Gun/Knives, Smoke Bomb & Poison. I hope to increase my Threat Level to "Extreme". Happy Hunting.