February 24, 2013

KingOfSuth won the Boston Brawl Tournament!!

KingOfSuth won the Boston Brawl Tournament.
In the final match, turuk_mak_tok, yunafantasy, wowshadimax and him fought in one single round only with default abilities.
In his words, decided to forget about some strategy and go directly to them, without depending on their abilities.

KingOfSuth ganó el Boston Brawl Tournament.
En la final, turuk_mak_tok, yunafantasy, wowshadimax y él se enfrentaron en singular combate utilizando sólo las habilidades por defecto.
Según sus propias palabras, decidió olvidarse de estrategia alguna e ir directamente a por ellos, sin depender de sus habilidades.

Congratulations to the champion!!


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