June 25, 2012



The Seer

Knows what will you do. It`s as if he had seen the entire game before playing it. Controls the time as anyone. When you think you have him, had fallen into hid trap. Only attack when he is sure of victory. Passive hunter, likes to wait for his opponent. He changes a lot of tactics in the same game: Knife-Bomb. Bomb-Poison. Mute-Bomb

El Vidente

Sabe que vas a hacer. Es como si hubiese visto toda la partida antes de jugarla. Controla los tiempos como nadie. Cuando crees que le tienes, has caído en su trampa. Solo ataca cuando está seguro de su victoria. Cazador pasivo, le gusta esperar a su oponente. Cambia mucho de táctica en una misma partida. Cuchillo-Bomba. Bomba-Poison. Mute-Bomba.

Favourite Hunting Area: Assassinate
Favourite Weapons: Smoke bomb
Favourite Avatar: not available


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