June 24, 2012

The Assault Tournament results!


3rd place: dasousa114

2nd place: AmandaLinus

CHAMPION: Sandrita_93, Famine, The third horseman

Strange tournament. Just one room, server down just at the time to play it and templars who decided don`t participate in the last moment. But there are the true warriors who wanna demostrate their value and strenght. We`ll give them some bonuses for that.
In that crazy game, one light bright over the rest. A great champion. Outlast, outplay and outwith. She is Sandrita_93, the third horseman of the Apocalypse and possibly one of the leaders of the Spanish`s team in the World Series.
Great job, RobertoCarlos69!


Sandrita_93: +145 AP
AmandaLinus: +110 AP
dasousa114: +85 AP
xellex197: +45 AP
RobertoCarlos69: +35 AP
DivineSerenity: +35 AP
juancho_92: +15 AP
AnGeL_82F: +15 AP

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  1. Podríais poner aquí también el texto traducido al español?