May 09, 2012



Bold, cocky, he likes to expose and pretending weakness due to his low level, but he's a really clever player. He knows very well use his abilities and dodge them also when attacks. Modus operandi: exposing, they mark him, he gets you where he wants, he stuns you and, finally, he kills you, getting high scores. Very dangerous. Double account suspected. He must be a great and famous italian player.

Temerario, chulesco, se expone mostrando debilidad, debido a su bajo nivel, pero es un jugador realmente astuto. Sabe usar muy bien sus habilidades y sabe esquivarlas tambien a la hora de atacar. Modus perandi: se expone, lo marcan, lo atrae hasta donde quiere, lo aturde, y lo mata, consiguiendo elevadas puntuaciones. Muy peligroso. Sospecha de doble cuenta. Debe ser un gran y conocido jugador de Italia.

Favourite Hunting Area: Assassinate
Favourite Weapons: Smoke bomb
Favourite Avatar: not available


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