March 07, 2012

Friendly TAG TEAM match: THE GODS vs Hyuber and turuk_mak_tok

Friendly game between THE GODS vs. Hyuber and turuk_mak_tok.
Although BAD_ass_DUDE666 had to leave the game, THE GODS almost emerged victorious even with only 1 player.
BigBling417 and BAD_ass_DUDE666 are a great team who choose to win the TAG TEAM.

Partida amistosa entre THE GODS vs. Hyuber and turuk_mak_tok.
Aunque BAD_ass_DUDE666 tuvo que abandonar la partida, THE GODS casi salieron vencedores aún con solo 1 jugador.
BigBling417 and BAD_ass_DUDE666 son un grandísimo equipo que optan a ganar el TAG TEAM.


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